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Celtic Nachos
Tortilla chips topped with homemade three cheese sauce, banana peppers, black beans jalapenos, tomatoes and green onions, homemade salsa and sour cream 7.50 Add Chili 1.75

Alehouse Quesadillas
Chihuahua cheese, black beans, and avocado 6.75
Add chicken or steak 1.75

Gannon’s Warm Gorgonzola Dip
Gorgonzola, smoked bacon, artichokes served with crisp pita 6.75

Chicken Wings (10)
Tossed in one of our 3 homemade sauces, buffalo, Jameson BBQ or sweet and spicy 6.75

Buffalo Onion Rings
Tossed in spicy buffalo sauce served with a blue cheese dressing 5.25

Deep Fried Pickles (try them you will like them)
Battered pickles served with Ranch Dressing 4.75

Warm Soft Pretzel
Served with a spicy mustard cheddar sauce (1) 3.75 or (2) 7.00

Traditional Hummus
Served with warm pita bread 5.75

Crispy Boneless Chicken Strips
Tossed in buffalo, Jameson BBQ or a sweet and spicy sauce 7.50

Hand-Cut Pub Fries
Served with chipotle sauce 4.00

Loaded Pub Fries
Loads of our homemade beer cheese sauce, green onions, tomatoes and bacon 5.75

Mini Jameson BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
(2) $4 or (4) 8.00

Mini Burgers
(2) $4.00 or (4) $8.00
Served with sautéed onions &pickles
Add American cheese $.25 per burger

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Served with cheddar cheese and sour cream 6.25 bowl, 4.75 cup

Gannon’s Beer and 3 Cheese Soup
Topped with mustard pretzels 5.25 bowl, 4.25 cup

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House Salad
Mixed greens with red onions, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes 5.25

Caesar Salad
Romaine topped with cherry tomatoes, fresh parmesan cheese and seasoned croutons 5.75

Choice of dressings:
Ranch, Blue Cheese, or Balsamic Vinaigrette

Add chicken – grilled, blackened, or buffalo style 2.50
Skirt steak – grilled or blackened 3.00

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Served with lettuce, tomato, sliced pickle, Gannon’s hand cut fries or coleslaw.
Add bacon, avocado, American, provolone, Swiss, cheddar or blue cheese. .75

Gannon’s Pub Burger
Fresh ground beef with Gannon’s special seasonings 7.25

Smothered BBQ Mushroom Burger
BBQ sauce, mushrooms, onions, bacon and melted provolone cheese 8.75

Horseradish Burger
Horseradish, smoked bacon and Swiss cheese 8.75

Cajun Burger
Cajun spice, jalapenos and cheddar cheese 8.75

Garden Vegetable Burger

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Served with Gannon’s hand cut fries or coleslaw.
Sub. side salad for fries 1.50/ Onion Rings $2

Grilled Chipotle Chicken Sandwich
With chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese, bacon and avocado 8.75

Blackened Steak Sandwich
With provolone cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions 8.75

Steak Sandwich
Topped with crumbled blue cheese and coleslaw 8.75

Jameson BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Served with side of coleslaw and pickles 8.25

Battered Fish Sandwich
Topped with lettuce, tomato, tartar sauce, and coleslaw 8.25

Buffalo Boursin Chicken Sandwich
Battered chicken strips topped with boursin cheese served with lettuce and tomato 8.25

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
With tomatoes and cheddar 6.25

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Gannon’s Mac & Cheese
Chipotle peppers, smoked cheddar, Chihuahua cheese; topped Ritz crackers 7.25

Herb Marinated Grilled Skirt Steak
Served with chipotle pepper, blue cheese mashed potatoes, and mixed green salad 9.75

Shepherds Pie (Sept—May)
Homemade topped with cheddar cheese and mashed potatoes 9.25

Served with coleslaw and tartar sauce. 9.75