gannons pub interior wall


The name on the door is that of Mr. John Gannon, our Grandfather. John distributed beer up and down Lincoln Avenue for Kingsbury Brewery after prohibition was lifted until the mid 1950s. He had been a brick layer, but once the depression hit, there was no building work. The depression ended prohibition, and he was able to find a job delivering beer. So, it is with great pride that we are now able to pour drinks for you today under our Grandfather’s name.

When you stop by to see us, take a look at the newspaper articles we have framed on the back wall. A few of them talk about John’s father, our Great Grandfather, Bernard Gannon.

One day, Bernard went into a bar to get change for a $10 bill for his employer. On his way out of the bar, he was fatally stabbed in the heart by two men. His son John was working down the street. Folks in the neighborhood who knew them both ran to get John; tragically, his father died in his arms. One of the men confessed to the stabbing, but both were acquitted of the murder.